Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Same-sex Marriages and Equal Rights

Congratulations to Washington DC for taking a big step forward. Same-sex couples can now get married in DC. Hopefully this step will prompt more states to take the same step.

If the current lawsuit against Proposition 8 turns out favorably - that is Proposition 8 is struck down as unconstitutional - our country will most definitely be moving in the right direction. If only we could get to the destination of equal rights a little faster. Nevertheless, same-sex marriages in DC are a victory to be celebrated.

The only opposition I ever seem to hear against same-sex marriages is a religious-based argument. Among all its flaws is this: the government of the United States is supposed to be secular. We should not base our definition of marriage on any religion because to do so is to violate the secular nature of our government. Basically, it is not the government's concern to say who can and cannot marry based on their gender. There is no reason the government should be allowed to do so, considering a same-sex marriage poses no threat to other citizens or to the citizens themselves. If the only "danger" suggested is based on a religious argument, it is essentially null to the U.S. government (or should be).

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