Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Introduction

This year, I decided I need to be more involved with things on campus. I'm currently trying to start a secularist group for Dickinson College students... A seemingly monumental task that I'm afraid may not pan out. I'm also writing for the Dickinsonian. Unfortunately, there are apparently a LOT of writers, and my editor informed me that I only need to write every other week. It's disappointing: I was starting to enjoy coming up with ridiculous topics to talk about each week. I decided I would start a blog to provide an outlet for myself. I'll probably publish whenever something occurs to me, but it will be at least once a week. Don't expect anything amazing. I also plan on posting the articles I've already written for the Dickinsonian(the two I turned in and the one that I wrote but did not turn in...). I hope you enjoy, and if not no one is forcing you to read it, so don't blame me for wasted time.

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